Day 6

A dramatic day for team Angulo. Heat 6 saw Josh’s hopes diminish after an over early in the first round. The wind in the starting aria was so light at time that it was hard to not take risks.
On the restart Pieter’s job was easy, with only 4 guys remaining it was a sure pass for Pieter to the quarter final.

1st Quarter final saw Casper on the race course. After getting a stitch in his finger Casper did really well to get to the first mark in 3rd. The wind was light, he pumped his way out below the front guys. As the wind had shifted making the second reach very tight, to tight for Casper to make speed all the way out, he lost 4 places and dropped to 7th, despite strong efforts to come back into qualifying position, his hard work did pay of and brought him back to a 5th place, just not qualifying. Then in heat 11 it was Pieter, after a few attempts of heat 11 there finally was some better wind. Lining up for a perfect start, Pieter had accelerated just a little too early and was literary a hair over  early. A disappointment to Pieter’s performance that started so strong this week. That was the exit of team Angulo as this would be all the racing for this event.

Words from Team Angulo.

Casper Bouman – “Got to the beach, in preparation for my heat I went out for a little warm up and tuning on the 8.6 with the 132, it felt really good. Coming back to the beach I unfortunately hit my finger on the fin and had to get some stitches. After that the wind was still shifty and gusty so luckily I didn’t miss my heat. So quickly getting ready and out on the water for my heat. I had a really good start and came 2nd or 3rd around mark 1 went to make a wide gybe to plane from underneath and hold my position, once at speed still hanging onto 3rd I had a bad spin out and lost my position and speed and forced me to point to the next mark. That put me from 3rd to last so it was comeback time. Unfortunately on my comeback I got stuck at the 5th place. Was best my best race this event, to bad about that spin out. Looking forward to Turkey. Compared to last year I feel like I got a closer to my goal of competing in top 16. Looking forward to continue that progress in Turkey.”

Pieter Bijl- “First heat I saw my team mate Josh go over early, something that can easily happen in these winds. On the restart it was easy with only 4 man in the heat. In the quarter final it wasn’t so easy. Doing 3 full starts in light winds you start to realize how important it is to nail it. So pressure was on. On the 4th try I went all out. Came to the line at full speed just a touch ahead of the rest of the fleet. At this speed we travel about 5 meters per second, so to get called over within a meter means just a fraction of a second to early, but too early is to early. Big disappointment for me. I have great speed in these conditions and was really looking forward making my way back into the top 6 for the event. But I guess I need more focus and not let the pressure get to me in the future. I happy with my speed and racing ability but really need to work on my consistency. I know I have all the tools to do the job well, so will be working hard before Turkey to put those tools to good use.”

Josh Angulo – “This event just didn’t work for me at all. It sure is hard, before the event I worked hard on my gear, my fitness and was actually sailing a lot in light winds. But just the conditions and cards you get dealt during an event aren’t always what you where hoping for. But you get what you get. From here we will just need to work toward the Turkey event, hope for more racing and better wind. With only 4 races it is hard to find a rhythm and for sure with only one discard here it is cut throat racing.”

Stay tuned for an even update on Turkey and the Angulo Perspective.






Day 5

A nice relaxing day, all day on 15 minute announcements or stand by, but the wind just didn’t materialize. It was close but not enough for racing.

Time to discuss some new products, projects and share stories.

With the battery charged we hope to get wind tomorrow for the final day.

More tomorrow.

Day 4

Straight onshore winds where quickly building, with a nice steady 10 to 16 knots they started the final. Josh opened by going over the line 1st to be in 3rd at the first mark. With a super tight pack at those marks it is sometimes hard to get things moving, dropping a few places Josh had to settle for the 5th place.

Then it was the losers final with Pieter. Fighting in the middle of pack in diminishing wind is a tough thing to do, so Pieter had to settle for a 7th place in the losers.

Race 3 was also started, Casper again in heat 1, doing a good job advancing into the quarter finals. Then it was Pieter in heat 4, during the starting sequence racing got put on hold as the wind turned 90 degree’s and dropped of. This is when the waiting game started. The wind was playing games, but didn’t allow for racing for a while. When racing got back on the way heat 4 was up first. A tough heat full of heavy hitters, Pieter didn’t have a great start. Managed to get into the 5th place at mark 1. Then into 4th at mark 3, but on the 4th reach he got passed again, in a last attempt at mark 4 Pieter saw all hopes diminish as he dropped another spot to finish 6th, failing to qualify. Then Josh in heat 5 making the heat easily.

Onto the quarter-finals it was Casper again in the opening heat, just missing out on qualifying, but with this keeping it consistent. Josh was up next, just as the wind started playing games again, so the waiting game continued. As the wind returned Josh was up, winning his quarter-final heat and moving into the semi’s. In the semi’s the gusts where getting a little stronger, Josh still on 9.6 was having a hard time getting his gear around the marks. Fighting for his place unfortunately at mark 3 all hopes where going, dropping back from 4th to 5th and then to 6th and with that failing to qualify for the final. The losers final saw some more gusty and patchy conditions, Josh had a god start, came to first mark in 2nd, but again being on too big of  a sail was not helping his gybing. Loosing almost a spot at each gybe would mean finishing 5th in the losers final.

After the long waiting game the PWA called all racers on the water for race 4, Casper in heat one again managed to sail trough his heat effortless. Getting to the first mark in 5th and then picking up spots all along the way. Some excellent sailing from him saw him finish in 2nd and move into the quarter -final again. Lets hope he can change faith and move on from that quarter-final. Soon after the wind again was getting more shifty with big holes, racers where sent to the beach and soon after racing was called of.

A long day at the beach for relatively little racing.

Comments of today..

Casper Bouman – “It was a really long and funky day today.. Sailed my first heat in the onshore conditions. Wind was a bit stronger and good for my 8,6 and 132. Felt comfortable and made it to the second round.. Than after my heat the wind shifted all over the place and we had to wait pretty long for the wind to settle. With the side shore winds it was super gusty on the water and I choose my big gear to race. With the strong gust I just wasn’t able to get a good first reach as I was to overpowered. Finished in 6th place again and looking at my results I am definitely the most consistent person on the course at the moment! But cant wait to get trough this next round tomorrow. Seems like a barrier which I have to break anytime soon!!”

Pieter Bijl – “Disappointing day today. Starting with good hopes for the losers final, but this didn’t work out as I hoped. It was hard sailing after a poor start and couldn’t manage to fight my way back. Then the next first round exit was even more devastating. Again not sharp at the start, then coming back trough good gybes and good speed. But still just falling short trough circumstances. I need to refocus for tomorrow and go all out.”

Josh Angulo – “A long hot day at the beach, the first final was okay, there was more in there but just didn’t materialize. Then the second elimination was good too, till the semifinal, with super gusty wind I was forced to be on the bag sail, but this was also limiting my ability to attack during the gybes. With winds ranging from 7 to 20 knots it is a roll of the dice.”

Day 3

Speaking of light wind, today was the day of all days. Wind lighter then we have seen in PWA ever and still finishing heats. But all was good at team Angulo. Casper already in the quarter finals. Pieter in the first heat of the day making it trough without any problems and the same for Josh in heat 8.
The Quarter finals, Casper was up first. Unfortunately he was not able to make it trough. He did build on yesterdays lesson and made a good start, but was simply struggling at the first mark to get moving again. Yeah that light. In heat 11 it was Pieter’s turn, Good first reach, 5 guys at the mark at the same time. Trying to get the board in a small gap on the inside. With the Magnum 132 simply gybing to tight, Pieter put the nose of the board on the wrong side of the mark. Swimming it back around and getting back up still in 5th place. A second reach with good speed catching Enis in 4th to overtake him in the next jibe to secure a spot in semi finals.
Then it was Josh’s heat, the wind got lighter and lighter, still Josh was hanging on to 4th place, but as the heat got canceled due to the lack of wind, this to the relieve of Josh who just dropped out of qualifying position. The wind took a late siesta and returned from a completely new direction and strength. The race crew set the course as the sailors rigged up their smaller sails. Soon it would be the re-sail of heat 12, with a good start there where no problems for Josh to qualify for the semi finals.
With the remainder of team Angulo in heat 14 that race was on. Both Angulo Team riders had a good start but Pieter just didn’t have the speed on the first reach to make it out front. Josh managing to cling that 4th place to not let go. Pieter slipping out top 4 and not securing a spot in the final. After this heat all racing got canceled due to shifty and gusty winds. So tomorrow we will start with the final followed by the losers final.

A few words from the team.

Casper Bouman, “Things just didn’t go my way, with the speed and start I had I should have been up in the top 4 but at the first gybe there was just too much traffic, that in combination with the light winds just didn’t allow me to get moving soon enough to secure a spot in the Semi Final. I look forward to some more racing tomorrow.”

Pieter Bijl. “Today was challenge all together, first in the light winds it was hard work to get moving sometimes, luckily for me my board is large and easy to get on the plane, so it’s there when I really need it. For example to pump past Enes to make it into the Semi final. Then the stronger winds from the different direction really threw me off. Chop was all over the place and wind was up, doubting between 7.8 and 8.6 I choose 8.6, but as there was no time for a little test and tune before getting onto the race course my sail fin combo wasn’t really well suited for the conditions. Lets hope for the best during the losers final and take it from there.

Josh Angulo. “Felt good to be fighting today. We had some moments where the wind was simply to light for me to make it happen, but those heats luckily got canceled. So I feel like I was given the chance to fight. Specially the cherry on top being that the wind came in for my semi final and I was able to really power up the 8.6 blast down that first reach and make sure to not look back. Happy to be in the final, lets hope we get some wind tomorrow and the days after.

Check back tomorrow for more of the Angulo Perspective.

Day 2

The start of day 2 was nice and slow. After a long day of light winds yesterday we got to sleep in, have a coffee, some breakfast, play and relaxing. With the hot sun blasting it wouldn’t be long for the relaxing times to be changed into high paced racing. The first round of race one would soon be finished to move onto the quarter finals. It was Casper in the opening heat of the quarter finals. After not having the best start he was fighting with Ben v/d Steen for 5th place. By the finish they both got eliminated. Then next heat saw Pieter sail to a 4th place to move into the semi finals. Pieter had a good start, safe gybes and good speed. Then in the Semi final, heat 13 we saw Pieter shine at the first mark. After not such a good start he came back from 5th to 2nd at the first gybe. Then following Antoin’s lead he secured a spot in the final. In the final we could see that the already diminishing wind was not playing into the favor of Pieter’s setup. Getting to the 1st mark in 4 he did manage to hold on to that spot till the finish.

The second elimination started, again it was Casper in the opening heat. After a slow start the chase was on. Casper fought his way back to the top 4 to qualify for the quarter finals. After heat 5 the wind called it a day.

A few words from the Angulo Team.

Casper Bouman”Another lightwind day here in Costa Brava, feeling really happy with my speed, but after not having the best start in the quarter final I didn’t make it trough. In the second race again my start wasn’t that great, but in the end I did manage to fight back and get trough to the quarter finals. Looking forward to some more racing with some more focus on my starts”

Pieter Bijl  “I’m extremely happy with my performance in Race 1. I felt like I had good speed, played it safe on the starts, but aggressive on the gybes. The Magnum 132 really allows me to go hard during the gybes without feeling like I’m taking much risk. So attacking at the first mark has made the difference today. As there was some okay wind I choose my slippery setup that doesn’t give me that much lift, but a lot of top speed. However during the final I needed a more powerfull set-up, but when I realized the wind was getting lighter there was no time left. On the first reach I struggled a little with my speed and lost a spot, but still finishing in 4th is really good. Then for the second race I was in heat 6. After a hard fight with Ben and Bjorn to try to make it trough to top 4 I was extremely happy to see this race get canceled, especially after failed to make mark #3 due to the shifting winds and had to double tack. Lets hope for more wind tomorrow!”

Josh Angulo “After my early exit yesterday I was left on the beach for a long day of no play. Really happy to see Pieter do a good job in the final. Really hope for some more wind tomorrow!”

Check us out tomorrow for another update on the Team Angulo’s perspective.



Day 1

Got all the gear registered and the open ceremony over and done with. The wind was slowly building so soon it would be time for the exciting stuff to take place. We had some time to warm up and get used to conditions as the race committee was setting the course and waiting for the wind to stabilize. At around 2.30 the start of heat 1 took place. With plenty of heavy hitters in heat one the tension for Casper was building. After not having the best start, Casper soon made a dream come true by passing Bjorn (AKA The Terminator) at the first gybe and qualifying for the next round. Then there was small break due to lack of wind. But soon we would commence into heat 2, heat 3 and then Heat 4 with Pieter. Playing it safe on the start is not something we are used to seeing from him, but his aggressive gybing style put him straight back into the qualifying position. Pushing Antoine (AKA Le Boeuf) around the course to qualify for the next round.
Then in heat 5  with Josh, the wind was getting lighter, this was not playing in the favour of the Angulo heaviest team member. Leaving him floating after gybe 2 to not plane again. It is still a mystery to why this heat wasn’t canceled as he wasn’t the only one. Better luck to Josh in race 2. Then soon after race 6 the race crew finally called it a day, maybe 2 rounds to late?

Below few words from Team Angulo.

Josh: “Today was pretty brutal, just the fact that the wind was pretty light so it was a bid a “a roll of the dice”. In the end it is what it is. I have had bad beginnings of events before so lets just hope we get bid of wind and bounce back. But overall I saw Casper and Pieter both flying, that made me happy. Just that alone is a little icing on the grey clouds for me, to see the other Angulo Team boys kicking butt. If one of us is doing good than all of us are doing good.”

Casper: “First day here in Costa Brava, I was in heat number 1 together with Micah, Bjorn, Gonza. So all together a pretty tough heat. Went out and felt really good on the Magnum 132 and 9.5 RS:racing Evo 5. Pretty excited I made it trough, happy about my speed. Unfortunately we didn’t do any more racing today, but looking forward to the next couple of heats.”

Pieter: “Light wind action on day one. I was in heat 4, we still had a little wind to make it around the course okay. It was hard work but was in a good spot right from mark #1. So just took it easy from there, no mistakes and just sailed my heat. Then the waiting game just started. Heat 5 (Josh’s heat) was getting really light. Then after heat 6 they canceled and the wind was gone. Look forward some more racing in hopefully better wind.”

More Gu’d news tomorrow.

Team Angulo has arrived in Costa Brava for the second PWA world-cup of 2013

We will make a daily team update on the Progress of Casper, Josh and Pieter. So stay tuned and pray for wind.

More tomorrow as we open with day 1.

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