Coming from Boston to Kohama island seemed like I really reached the end of the world . Skimming across the ocean ,in our final form a of transportation to the island of Kohama, I was blown away by the many different movements that the sea could create with its seemingly unexplainable set-up of reefs, currents and barier reefs which could only be navigated by the experienced eyes of the Japanese mariners.

Upon arrival to Kohama island, which seemed like a smaller version of an Hawaiian island, with is many tropical flowers, fields of sugar cane and most importantly steady trade winds, we were greeted warmly and brisked off to an aweosme 5 star resort, Kohamajima Risonare. As the scene unfolded in front of me, we dropped our bags in amazing rooms, walked down a tropical flower-laden pathway only to have it open up to a white sand beach being steadily cooled by a consistent tradewind. The resort had a fully stocked windsurf set-up, awesome beach cafe and an infinity pool that made you want to drift off into never never land.

But , despite all the luxurious trappings offered by the resort the real treat was the sailing. Although I’m currently mainly a slalom sailor, I grew up as a wavesailor and never took that much interest in flatwater sailing. But here in Kohama ther was a barrier reef that jutted from the shore miles out to see and ran 90 degrees to the wind direction. At a certain tide you could blast for miles in either direction up against a reef that buffeted the windward chop and made for oil-silk fields of speed joy. I’ve nevere experienced anything like it in my life. The water was caribbean blue and temperatures were pure summer. This natural windsurfing phenomenon created by extremely unique natural set-up would end miles out to see ,where I tentatively braved a closer look at a convergence of waterways and a dumping out of tidal waters. Such a paradisical place in the end of the world. I knew this is where the mermaids and sea-monsters lived.

The japanese people are known for their warm hospitality and when you mix that with the beach atmosphere of Kohama island, things couldn’t be better. I had no idea such a windsurf paradise existed and I’m sure other people didnt either. I got the vibe that this is a relatively new windsurf destination and for Japan and surrounding asian countries , Kohama island is a must visit for windsurfers of all levels.

I’d like to extend a Big Mahalo to my gracious host Shoji and all the other great friends I met there. I can’t wait to go back !
Josh Angulo

IMG_6806 Josh Japan 2