With Cabo Verde as Josh’s long time home base, what better location then that to perform a pre-season test and tune.

Attending the test and tune are Angulo Team Josh Angulo CV-1 and Martim Monteiro POR-13 as well as Wouter de Vries. Angulo team’s technical encyclopedia and organizer.

The pre-season test and tune started on the 8th of February and will go on till the 22nd of February,  5 days in they have already had plenty of wind to put the 2014 Magnum 95 through it’s phases with 6.3 to 7.1 in some hard conditions. Josh had the following to say about the New 2014 Magnum 95.

“These conditions have been great for tuning up the small gear, really compares well with Fuerteventura when it’s windy like this here. Trying the new 95 with the harder tuck line, it seems like I’m are able to push a little harder on the board compare to the 90 from last year resulting in some better speeds. The harder rail also makes it feel a little more direct and with more feedback it’s easier to stay at speed. I also feel in the Gybes it really seems to handle more speed as it cuts through the turn and powers out even better then last years 90, stoked!”

With the winds being strong in the firsts days of the pre-season test and tune there has been some but limited time on the 115 with the 7.9. This is what Josh had to say about the 115 as a first impression.

“At a first glance the 2014 Magnum 115 is clearly a performer, I love the feel I got on this board. With plenty of grunt acceleration is no issue. At speed the smooth power and control keep you going. It was choppy and powered up 7.9 and the board just cranked through the gybe easily. I look forward trying this board on the 8.7, it should work really well there too!”

We will be updating this section every couple of days, so please stay tuned, more info and plenty more photo’s should follow shortly.

Martim Magnum 2014 Josh Magnum 20141