Gybe, Accelerate, Speed, Control and then… Gybe again!

The ANGULO MAGNUM SLALOM, Designed for the slalom course where acceleration, speed, and control are taken into consideration.  This is what makes the MAGNUM one of the best boards out there.

With only 3 sizes we keep Development focused and easy to oversee; allowing for the range of use on these boards to be simply incredible. These 3 sizes are simply designed to work for everyone (light to heavy weight riders).

3 Sizes

All 3 boards feature a similar bottom and rail shape.

With double to single concave design in combination with a smooth constant rocker flow, the boards are extremely efficient. The rails are a little rounder then you might expect of a slalom board, giving great comfort in a straight line, while allowing the board to gybe through the roughest of waters. The smooth constant rocker line helps the board get and stay planing. Each shape gives balance to the board when coming out of the gybe, making these boards comfortable and forgiving; allowing you all the confidence you need to get the most out of the MAGNUMS.

  • The MAGNUM 132 planes quickly through its smooth constant rocker and outline. Don’t be deceived, this Magnum provides great speed and outstanding control in both light and high winds; even though it’s 84cm wide.
  • The MAGNUM 112 has an incredible range. Because of the wingers, this Magnum maintains the width at the front foot-straps, allowing the board to carry big sails. All while the wingers give the board a narrower tail, allowing for high top speed and use of small fins and sails.
  • The MAGNUM 90 is a comfortable ride trough the “rough and tumble” conditions. The stretched nose outline and rocker give this Magnum a smooth ride in the choppiest of conditions. The round rails give you comfort at speed and make gybing a blast. This board will take you to your limits all while being very efficient.

Board details

Model Length Width Volume Weight Sail range Fin range Fin box Fin
cm cm litres kg
Magnum 90 238 60 90 6.0 5.5 / 7.8 30 – 38 Tuttle none
Magnum 112 238 71 112 6.5 6.4 / 9.0 35 – 44 Tuttle none
Magnum 132 236 84 132 7.0 7.4 / 10.0 41 – 50 Deep tuttle none


The MAGNUM 132 and 112 feature a full BIAX-CARBON Deck and UNIDIRECTIONAL-CARBON bottom, in combination with extra UNIDIRECTIONAL-CARBON and FIBERGLASS reinforcements around the foot-strap area, providing the best stiffness/strength to weight ratio.

The MAGNUM 90 has a half deck in BIAX-CARBON and FIBERGLASS nose area and bottom, in combination with extra UNIDIRECTIONAL CARBON and FIBERGLASS reinforcements around the foot-strap area.

After testing constructions on the MAGNUM 90 we found that the full Carbon boards in this size are simply too stiff, in the stronger winds we feel it is good to have a little flex to absorb some of the chop and give you more control and confidence.

Both these constructions insure that your MAGNUM will hold their shape, remain stiff and keep giving you optimum performance throughout!