About 40 years ago on Oahu’s North shore is where it all begun, it was here where from the emerging talent of a young surfer/shaper came some of the finest designs and well crafted surfboards.

Ed Angulo’s skills in the shaping room combined with his love for the ocean soon crossed over from surfing into windsurfing. This move to windsurfing in the 80′s also resulted in a move to Maui, more suited for wind driven sports with better, stronger and more consistent trade winds. It was then that Angulo Hawaii started to become a major influence on the direction that took windsurfing on it long path to where it is now. Constantly leading the pack into that uncharted territory both in the workshop and on the water. By this time both Josh and Mark (Ed’s sons) where well emerged into the Maui windsurfing scene. While Ed was pushing the design and craftsmanship of windsurfing boards in the workshop, Ed’s sons where pushing them just as hard on the water.

Designs such as Asymmetrical, Twinzers, Phasers, Wingers, Moon tails all decked out with exquisite colors. Classic representations and trademarks of Angulo Hawaii in the iconic glory days of windsurfing.

With this strong back ground of innovation and endless amounts of boards over the years there is a lot of experience behind each design. It is this experience that can’t be obtained any other way then by putting in the hours, designing and building all those boards, this is something that we still benefit from now. In windsurfing in general but especially within the Angulo Hawaii family.

Angulo Hawaii has a strong heritage in windsurfing that you can still feel in the products today. For us it has not been about following the trent, it has been and still is about doing what we believe in. Creating products that work, giving our consumers the tools to make the most of every minute on the water. This will often mean leading the pack with shapes that work, constructions that last and giving you the same good time on the water that we have had for many years. So also you keep coming back for more, just like we have for the last few decades.